Life Events


The first ministry ordained by God to man in the Scriptures is marriage. If this was the first relationship that God gave to man, then it would have been really important to God, don’t you think? It was as if God couldn’t wait for this institution to be born. The union of man and woman, if anything, is divine and pure. Throughout the Bible, God was very keen in His choosing of suitable partners for His people – whether it was Isaac and Rebecca, Boaz and Ruth, Joseph and Mary, etc.

Child Dedication

A child is one of the most beautiful gifts that God entrusts you with. And when you make a decision to dedicate your child to the Lord, you are placing your little soul in His hands, asking Him to fill you with His divine wisdom that would help you to bring up your child in the ways of the Lord.

Parents are encouraged to follow up this important commitment by living a lifestyle that would glorify God before their kids, earnestly praying for the child and bring them up according to the Bible.


If there is a beginning, there is an end – fact of Life. Inasmuch as we celebrate and bless the birth of life, we also celebrate and bless ‘death.’ However, ‘death’ is not ‘The End’ but ‘The Beginning’. For to us, Christians, death is hope; hope of eternal life with God in Heaven.

As your church, we want to offer as much support as we can if you’ve lost a loved one. You can contact us at our Church office for any kind of assistance you may require. You can be assured that the Pastors will be available at all times and are more than willing to stand by you. The Church office will do everything it can to help you in the entire process.